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Can you believe summer is nearly over? There's a part of me that's ready for the routine that comes with the start of the school year-- getting up early, feeding the kids breakfast, and getting them out the door. Then there's the other part of me that really enjoys everyone sleeping in late, going to the pool, and sitting around the dinner table while the sun is still up telling dad about playdates and tomorrow's activities. 

But alas, the school year must go on and so for the next few weeks I'll start reviewing my fall recipes and try to come up with creative school lunch ideas. I like to let my kiddos pick out things they want to try and that means taking them to the store. Now I won't lie to you, there's a constant battle over sugary sweets and salty chips, but if you have read my blog about shopping you will remember that I start on the outside of the store where the fresh items are kept and then work my way in to the aisles where cereal and snacks are found. 

In my back to school menu quest, I started with online research and there are many on this Buzzfeed list that look like good options to try for school lunches. Simply dressing up fruit and veggies in new and interesting ways (like those black bean roll ups-- yum) may keep health options front and center at lunchtime. 

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During the school year, I usually have a rotation of recipes that I can alter slightly here and there for different taste. For example, I love to roast veggies one night and make enough to add to a stew the next or maybe pack into a pasta dish. Healthy proteins and vegetables are center stage on our fall menu. This is also a good time to review my blog about portions and what should be on your plate. 

As I try out new recipes I'll post them on my blog. And there are several that you may want to rotate into your lineup already published so check them out

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