Bahamian Spinach Onion Jam

by Denise Albert

I recently wrote about our family being in the Bahamas for a winter conference where my husband joins fellow physicians to rest and recharge and share information that can help them in their stressful practices. Many of the other doctors and their spouses have become lifelong friends and we’ve enjoyed watching one another’s children grow up. Our children are now getting to an age where attending these conferences with us is more challenging due to their school, so we knew this was one of the last opportunities for a while when we could take a mid-winter break as a family and head to a warm location for a time of self-care, so I wanted to make the most of it and that included indulging in the local cuisine.

Quite often when we eat out, each member of the family will pick something unique off the menu and we’ll pass the plate around and everyone will get a sample (so pardon some of the nearly deconstructed food pics-- once they got to my place sometimes I was the last to take a bite).

While in the Bahamas, we visited a restaurant with French-inspired cuisine. Ooh, la la! Most of our meals on the island were a little on the bland side for our complex pallets-- not a lot of spices but very fresh-- so seeing the melding of the layered flavors inspired by France with the fresh tastes of the Bahamas was inspiring.

Of all the food we ate that day, my daughter chose the winners. It was a sandwich that contained an interesting spread between the bread and turkey. It was absolutely delicious! So, I decided to ask about the recipes and, to my surprise, the chef came out to talk to me. What a lovely lady! She said that is was really simple with very few ingredients which is right up my alley. As she described it, I realized it was a caramelized onion jam, but the twist was spinach. The ingredients were so simple that I had to try it once I got home and, voila! We have a new favorite in our house.

This Bahamian Spinach Onion Jam is flavorful and good as a spread on crusty French-style bread, over poultry, and it’s an interesting way to add some greens to a sandwich.

Bahamian Spinach Onion Jam


Several medium or large onions, yellow, white, or red

Extra virgin olive oil




Balsamic vinegar

Two bunches fresh spinach washed and patted dry

Cut onions in slices and add to sauté pan with olive oil and 1TBS of turbinado sugar. The sugar helps to give the onions that caramelized brown color. Sauté the onions for about 6 minutes or until it becomes a nice brown color. Add the spinach to the pan and 1/2 of water, place the lid, and turn heat to low. Let the onion and spinach stew for about 30 minutes. Add the balsamic vinegar and remove from heat. Jam should look, well, a spreadable jam! Spread warm on crusty bread or spread on French bread and add turkey and cheese! Scoop into a mason jar and keep in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

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