Big summer wind down...or is it?

My family has had one of the most wonderful summers. Lots of breathtaking memories made! The highlight was an Alaskan cruise vacation with my husbands entire family. Oh my gosh Alaska is a must see! The inspirational views to the wildlife sightings made it truly an awesome family experience. Now reality has struck our household and my children have started school. It doesn't mean more memories can't be made! I have always tried to find ways to enrich my kids after school or on the weekends. Educational experiences can be so fun and a great way to bond. Cooking with them has been such a hilarious adventure. I remember allowing my son at just 2 years old scoop flour and other dry ingredients to make cupcakes. Yes it was messy as most of it hit the floor! My daughter loved to help in the kitchen with just about everything and yes she was crazy messy! Today my son is a 10 year old and he still enjoys helping in the kitchen. He knows how to use a knife properly and loves to help me chop and dice. My daughter does the same because she has to do exactly what big brother does. Oh well. I feel I've done my job in helping to instill a love of cooking and the how to's that will hopefully last a life time.

I would love to help make some amazing cooking memories with your children! Please sign them up for Cooking in Bloom!

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