Bramble Market Class

Earlier this summer, a gal pal of mine suggested we take a field trip down Highway 10 in Little Rock toward to the community of Ferndale. We had heard about this amazing little fresh food market and wanted to check it out. 

Bramble Market lived up to the online hype with bins filled with fresh tomatoes and squash, local honey and preserves, and even a kombucha made in Little Rock. While we were there a delightful farmer arrived with just-harvested peaches and we not only bought some but enjoyed hearing how he was ferrying them to Bramble for a fellow farmer who lived near him. 

Sometimes people just click, and before I had left (with a bag full of goodies and a growler of kombucha) we had arranged for Cooking in Bloom to do a one day cooking class on August 10th. 

Normally my classes are multi-day, but this one day class is too good not to talk about here. We're going to "shop" the market for farm fresh ingredients, talk about where our food comes from and why we need to make healthy and sustainable choices, and we're also going to prepare some dishes so we can taste the goodness. 

We still have spots available for this class so sign up. It's a Saturday morning and you can shop while we work or run and errand and return back for your kiddo. The folks at Bramble will make you feel as welcome as they did me and it's a great way to start thinking about healthy eating at the end of summer as the school year is revving back up.
Sign up for class today!

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