Carve Out Time for a Healthy Holiday

Wow! It's already that time of year. Every year I tell myself not to stress out during the holidays... and every year I stress out during the holidays!  Invitations to parties, Nutcracker Ballet, Christmas Pageant at church (which both my children are in every year), then there is shopping, wrapping, oh and Christmas cards. If I left out anything please add it to my ongoing to do list.

Its easy to get caught in the riggers of Christmas and loose time normally spent making nutritious meals for the family so here are some ideas to keep meals nutritious and stress free during the mad dash during the holidays.  

1. Get the Kids Involved to Help

My son is 11 and in the 6th grade and he can make a meal from start to finish without my help. If they are done with homework, have them help with prep for meals or even cooking if they can. They will hone cooking skills and learn valuable life lessons.

2. Meal Kits Can Be Nutritious and Easy In a time crunch? Many of our grocery stores have gotten on the popular meal kit band wagon. Fresh Market, for instance, has an entire line up of delicious meal kits that take minutes to prepare and usually use only one pan.  

3. Prep Ahead

I know this is easier said than done but set aside time to put together your own meal or meal kit. Many people plan a week's worth of meals on Sunday night when they have time to run to the store or spend time chopping and measuring out. These prepped meals can usually be frozen and pulled out when needed.  

4. Leftovers are Your Friend

Don't be afraid of leftovers when you are pressed for time. Leftovers can always be reimagined in soups, added to pasta, or popped in the microwave to be warmed. Be creative and leftovers can be a godsend when rushed for time.  

5.  Please Don't Forget Good Hydration

During cold spells it's easy to forget good hydration because we don't feel as thirsty like we do when it's hot outside. Keep water handy, especially for the kids. Plain old water is the best way to hydrate, however, I love a slice of lemon in my water and my kids do too. You could experiment with other fruits or even herbs. I had the most delicious and refreshing water after a workout at the Little Rock Racquet Club containing strawberries and fresh mint leaves. The hint of those ingredients made the water tasty and refreshing!  

Here's hoping these tips help you carve out some time for health amid the chaos of the holidays.

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