Denise's Tried and True Roasted Veg

Has the yuck face invaded your dinner table? I have found with my own children that they get more finicky with food at every age. My son for instance ate everything when he was younger. His favorite meal, no lie, was sautéed kale with garlic. Now at 10, he will push away a plate of that same sautéed kale. "But it’s your favorite vegetable," I say. Then, the battle begins.

The good news is a child's palate for foods will change again and again and again. The bad news, you have to keep trying things to figure out what gets their evolving taste buds excited.

Children desire choices and this is an area were you can allow them full autonomy! Invite your child to choose the vegetable for the evening meal or the entire menu for that matter. If it's green beans we can work with that. Suggest different ways to cook the green beans, for example steaming tastes very different than roasting. Maybe add a few slivered almonds for texture. Then the next time try roasting the beans along with some multi colored peppers. See how that goes?

Getting a dialog going about food and food choices will get your child in the right mindset to try something new. And maybe just maybe "Yuck Face” will show up a little less often.

Summer Roast Vegetables

This works with any vegetable of you and your child's choosing!


Veggies (your choice)

Olive oil

Lemon (whole)



Spray a roasting pan or cookie sheet with olive oil (or alternatively food release spray).

In a bowl, toss veg lightly with olive oil. Spread on sheet and prepare for oven.

Roast in a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes.

The vegetables should look a little browned. The brown bits add a new level of flavor.

Add some lemon zest and fresh cracked pepper to finish.

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