End of Summer Hydration Tips

Just because your little ones are back in school doesn't mean they don't still need to mind their water intake. "Hydration is particularly important for children as they have higher water requirements in relation to their body weight than adults," says The Natural Hydration Council, a not for profit organization dedicated to researching the science and communicating the facts about healthy hydration based in the UK. "Kids don’t always recognize the early stages of thirst, which can make them particularly vulnerable to becoming dehydrated, especially during times that can drive up their body fluid losses, for example when they are playing sport or during warm weather." Recently, I was a guest on Today's THV The Vine and we discussed the importance of hydration and also healthy snacks. Click here to see the video!

Here are some tips:

1. Make sure your child carries a water bottle. Some schools are allowing students to keep a water bottle with them throughout the day as long as they aren't distractions, however if that isn't allowed by your school I suggest you freeze a water bottle on its side so the water hardens in a wedge shape then add additional water on top and pack into a lunch box. At lunchtime it will still be cold and what melts can be enjoyed cold immediately after school.

2. Cut your child's favorite juice with water for better hydration. Suggested formula-- 1/4 of the glass with juice and the rest water. Try it with coconut water!

3. Healthy and hydrating fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, oranges, and kiwi. 4. Add fruit to water to make a flavor infusion. Citrus is great! 5. Make your own healthy freezer snacks with popsicle kits. Fill them with fruit and top with almond milk.

6. Mixed veggies taste even better with a little cream cheese and dill dip.

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