From the Farm to Your Doorstep

As a self professed foodie, I am always seeking out farmers and local produce shops to fill my pantry with the spirit of the season. This year, I discovered Four Dragons Farm in Roland, about 20 minutes from Little Rock. 

Earlier this week I received a delivery containing fresh eggs, tomatoes, figs, and more! What makes this so special is that I'm supporting a local farmer who, in turn, drops off amazing products to my doorstep. The items may change weekly and sometimes they have a bounty to share of something (like the figs! They are perfect right now). This is called Community Supported Agriculture. The concept is simple, you as the consumer purchase a stake in the farmer's harvest and if it's bountiful you share in that, if it's lean then you share the losses too. It allows many small farms an opportunity to stay viable in uncertain times. 

Previously I shared my cubed bread crouton recipe, well I put that to use with some of my produce from Four Dragons with a fresh Beet Salad with Cucumber, Celery, and Ranch Dressing. It was like a mouthful of summer! The whole family enjoyed it and I got the kids involved washing, cutting, and plating the items. 

If you're looking for a Community Supported Agriculture program in your area, the USDA has a resource guide you can search by zip code. Check it out! 

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