Learning with Food!

by Denise Albert In this time of staying at home, I've noticed people are getting very creative at finding fun and new ways to entertain their families without electronics. Since food is one of the things I know best, I thought I would share some food fun ideas. My kids have so much fun with these and "Name that Food" is one they love to do together. The funny thing is, I used to play some of these games when I was their age! Warning: this fun can be messy!

1. Name that food!

Blindfold one child so they are only able to use their sense of taste. The other children take turns picking very small tastes of food for the blindfolded child to taste. It's loads of fun! My daughters favorite taste when blindfolded was a pickle. 

2. Learn about a new culture with food!  

Have your children research a different country such as Peru, for instance. I just did this with my daughter and we learned all about Machu Pichu, the Amazon Rainforest, and alpacas. Then we chose a recipe to make that was easy but a native favorite. We decided on a recipe called Pollo Salto, which is a Peruvian kind of stir fry. It was easy and delicious! The added bonus was that I had all of the ingredients in my house including the steak cut french fries.    

Here's the recipe.

3.  Learn about food groups and how to build a nutritious plate!   This is a lesson I do with my Cooking in Bloom students and it's an easy one to do at home with what you have in your refrigerator and pantry. Simply discuss food group categories: fruits, vegetables, protein, carbohydrate, dairy, and fat. Some foods fit into one food group category and some foods more than one (cheese for instance). The older kids can learn about macronutrients and micronutrients. Printouts and all sorts of learning material are available at www.choosemyplate.gov!  

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