Muffin' to Do but Appreciate You

Back to school inevitably means teacher appreciation food. And while we know these hard working folks love their coffee and sweets (who doesn't), overdoing sugary goodness first thing in the morning can lead to energy crashes. 

So if you're on the committee to feed the staff the first week back to school, here are a few healthy breakfast items that you might consider adding to your menu. 


It's a no brainer-- from a bowl of fresh fruit they can grab for snacks later in the day to fruit salad chalked full of blueberries, grapes, strawberries, and more, make sure this diet and mostly allergy friendly dish is on the menu. To cut costs, have volunteers sign up to bring a single pre-cut fruit and then mix them all together in one large bowl. 


Muffins are a great opportunity to bring in some good carbs. Need some healthy muffin recipes? Check these out:

Egg-citing Choices

If you have time and staff, put together a make your own omelette bar. Need topping ideas? Check these out Spread out the essentials between volunteers and see if anyone has chickens and would be interested in sponsoring the eggs for the bar.

Need an egg-cellent choice that's quicker and easier to grab and go? How about mini-quiches or handheld frittatas.

Many of these breakfast ideas are also great for your students too. Make muffins, quiche, or frittatas ahead of time and freeze so you can just thaw them the night before and re-heat in the oven or microwave. Best wishes on a smooth start to your school year. 

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