New Adventures

I've always been one for new adventures.  Somehow I've never shied away from something new no matter how much it scares me.  That said I don't think I'd bungie off a cliff or building...or would I????  Maybe.  I seem to always push the envelop and almost take pleasure in doing the opposite of what is considered mainstream.  I don't mean to cause problems!  My husband frequently asks me the question why I can't leave well enough alone.  The adventures are ours for the taking with endless possibilities! My problem is there seems to be way to many to choose from.  We can start small like trying a new food for instance.  Maybe allowing your kids to pick out something from the produce section of the grocery store and figuring out how to prepare it when you get home.  A crazier adventure might be allowing your kiddos to prepare a recipe from start to finish with little or no help from you (age appropriate of course).  Adventures right there in our own home kitchen?  Who would have thought?  I dare you to seek out an adventure this week.  Your kitchen is a great place to start!

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