Simple Summer Side

by Denise Albert, Registered Dietitian

Does your family roll their eyes when you say "leftovers?" Well this recipe may change their minds, at least about leftover vegetables. It's so simple and makes the perfect side paired with a healthy protein like chicken or fish.

Polenta with Leftover Vegetables and Canned Tomatoes


1 tube pre-cooked polenta (found at most groceries across the country) 1 can diced tomatoes Fresh thyme Leftover diced vegetables (such as zucchini, squash, carrots) Directions Line a shallow baking dish with 1"-1.5" thick wedges of polenta. Top with leftover vegetables and sprinkle with fresh thyme. Cover with canned tomatoes. Top tomatoes with fresh thyme. Bake 374 for at least 30 minutes (until bubbly).

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