Strawberry Thankfulness Tart

By Denise Albert

There is so much to be thankful for-- the beautiful weather so I can plant my garden and enjoy the outdoors, the extra time spent with my family, and that I've had the opportunity to be more involved in my children's learning (I've really had fun finding extra curricular stuff online and I've gotten great ideas from other mommy friends and online blogs). I am thankful to have the opportunity to write this blog and connect in some small way to those of you following the journey of Cooking in Bloom. I am thankful to pass on ideas of how to cook more nutritiously at home with recipes that are easy for children to understand and make their own.   And, I am thankful that I have friends who feel the same way I do about sustainability and believe that we have a roll to play in the fight for a better environment for our children and grandchildren. Lastly, I am thankful in a delicious sort of way to be able to share this sweet recipe with you that highlights the strawberries I got from my friends at Bramble Market. Enjoy!  

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