The first Cooking in Bloom cooking experience was a great success! Look at these tasters! If one kiddo try's something new I consider that an amazing achievement. We made uber easy tostadas, with black bean mash, sautéed fresh veggies, then topped with a chifonade of baby swiss chard and baby kale. "Cool" and "I've never tasted that before" was exclaimed by a few. Music to my ears! My goal is to make these recipes simple enough that they can be easily made at home and the ingredients creative so the children can truly make it their own. The educational theme was "Where does our food come from?" The children had loads of fun choosing a food out of the pantry or refrigerator and placing it in the correct category. They had to work as a team on some! Then it was outside to the backyard compost bin to discuss a big word, "biodegration." A fun time was had by all! Smiles all around! Success!

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