Thanksgiving Leftovers Reimagined

By Denise Albert

I LOVE traditional Thanksgiving fare! Growing up, some of my fondest food memories are the recipes my mom would prepare for our family on turkey day. Her stuffing was out of this world and continues to be a resounding family favorite. Today, with my own family, I try to recreate some of those favorites and I have created a few of my own. And this isn’t just limited to Thanksgiving DAY… another love of mine are the leftovers from the traditional holiday meal. Sometimes the leftovers can be a bit overwhelming because it seems like there is enough food for days. I have created some reimagined leftovers that are tried and true with my family and have become a carry on of our Thanksgiving traditions.

Cameron's Stuffing Meatball Soup


My son came up with this lovely idea! We take our leftover stuffing and mix it in with ground turkey. We then make medium sized meatballs with it. Leftover gravy, about 1 C, is used to flavor and thicken the soup. Viola! An absolutely delicious soup that only requires ground turkey and chicken broth to be purchased, everything else is leftover.


2 16oz containers of low sodium Chicken Broth (Veg version is just as good!)

1 lb ground turkey

2 C leftover stuffing

1C leftover gravy

Any leftover veg or salad green is great in this soup as well


Add the broth to a stock pot or dutch oven and bring to a rolling boil. Mix leftover stuffing with ground turkey and make medium sized meatballs and set aside. Add leftover gravy to broth and whisk to make sure there are no clumps and broth looks smooth. Add meatballs. The meatballs are cooked when they float to the top of pot. Spoon in leftover veg at the very end as to not over cook and make the vegetables mushy. Enjoy with a piece of crusty bread!

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