The Story of "Buried Meat"

I just recently started creating a Cooking in Bloom cookbook with my friend and colleague, the lovely Mandy Shoptaw of Come on to My House. While going through some of my old recipe books I found a single piece of notebook paper that had some recipes my son created when he was 7.  He is now 12!  

I remember those recipes and how fun it was for him to put together. His favorite was creatively entitled "Buried Meat." There were a few others like "Cucumber Bowls," "Couscous with Tomatoes Covered" and "G roll."  I laugh when I remember the detail how we went about preparing these recipes. He would make an ingredient list and I would purchase the items.

I must say his "Buried Meat" was my favorite too. It is so important to give your kids some autonomy in the kitchen. Let them create a menu or just simple pick out an interesting fruit or vegetable at the grocery store that they have never tasted before. I know it sounds simple, but this may spark an interest in tasting different foods and help decrease fears of trying the unknown.   If you are so inclined let them dream up a recipe and create it from start to finish. You might be surprised at the creation and it may become a new family favorite.  

Cameron's Buried Meat

Serves 4

1 pound of fresh Atlantic Salmon cut in 4oz portions

2 small zucchini slice in rounds

I package of couscous or 1 cup prepared

1 tsp crushed garlic

1 TBS prepared basil pesto

Bake salmon filets at 400 degrees until slightly pink on the inside.

Sauté zucchini until soft and slightly browned.

Prepare couscous on stove or in a rice maker.

Add crushed garlic and pesto to prepared couscous and stir until well mixed.

To serve place baked salmon in a bowl and layer zucchini on top.  Spoon the garlic and pesto couscous until the zucchini is completely covered.  Bon Apetito! 

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