Tips from Trader Joe's

By Denise Albert

This weekend I was on a walk with a good friend of mine (social distancing was practiced, no worries) and she mentioned really wanting to try the newly opened Trader Joe's in Little Rock but she was overwhelmed with not knowing what to buy.  

So I decided on my next trip I would share some great Trader Joe's staple items I like to keep on hand for my family. You see, I was so happy when Trader Joe's opened in my adopted hometown and I soon made it my go to for our family grocery and specialty items. I appreciate Trader Joe's for many things such as its commitment to sustainability, positive business model that includes higher wages for employees, and high quality foods that you can't find anywhere else.  

What I have really taken notice of is the company's commitment to keeping customers and employees safe during the pandemic. It was one of the first stores to limit the number of customers inside at the same time and provides sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer at entry and exit of the store. When shopping today a clerk told me that Trader Joe's feels word of mouth is its best advertisement and for me, well, the reputation speaks for itself. And no, Trader Joe's didn't ask me to write this endorsement. I do so of my own free will. But hey, if they'd like to provide any groceries for my Cooking in Bloom classes, well, I'd be happy to talk to them about it.

Some time back I wrote a blog with information about how to shop the grocery (with a health focus). You might take a look at it then plow into discovering a sustainable grocery store near you, either locally owned or a chain like Trader Joe's.

And without further adieu, here are a few of my favorite staples from Trader Joes. I'd love to hear about your favorite Trader Joe's finds.

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