The exclusive Cooking in Bloom Spice kit comes with four curated herbs and spices. Each was mixed and packed by our friends from Fennel and Fire right here in Little Rock. Tay Stratton is the owner and she hand mixes all her spices and spice mixes using the best quality products for the best price.


Herbs de Provence: This is a very special spice mix that is a Cooking in Bloom favorite! A regional mixture of dried herbs traditional to the Provence area of France. This blend specifically curated by Denise includes: Thyme, Tarragon, Marjoram, Orange Peel, and the most fragrant ingredient is Lavender! This can be used as a go-to for any dish, from pasta to protein!


Bolivian Rose Mountain Salt: Mineral Salt mined by hand in the Andes Mountains in Bolivia. It is a beautiful cooking and finishing salt. Use for roasting vegetables and meats or for finishing chocolate and confections.


Vietnamese Cinnamon: This beautiful cinnamon is what professional chefs use because it has the strongest nose and taste. This is not a cinnamon that you typically buy at the grocery store. A small amount goes a long way and can be a flavorful addition to coffee and teas, pastries, and savory dishes such as Moroccan stew and Thai noodles.


Lemon and Thyme: This spice blend is very versatile and will be a go-to in any kitchen. Made with Organic Thyme and Lemon Peel, this special blend will enhance the flavor of any dish! From pasta to protein!


As a bonus, this kit comes with a child-sized Cooking in Bloom apron, a recipe book, and a bonus thank you recipe. Local pick up available at the Knowledge Tree, Little Rock; also available in-store at Knowledge Tree. 

Exclusive Cooking in Bloom Spice Sets